By arrangement as part of Sunday Service

St Matthew’s Anglican Parish Wauchope


Byabarra, Ellenborough and Wauchope


Thank you for making an enquiry about baptism.

All bookings for Baptism are made through the Rector who can be contacted by email or by phoning the parish office or the parish mobile.

We would love to discuss this further with you so that you understand what it means to be a full member of the family of Jesus, the church, and the nature of the commitment you would be making either for yourself or on behalf of your child.

In baptism the church welcomes you and promises to pray for you and support you in your decision to follow Jesus.

When a child is brought for baptism, you are encouraged to invite one or more baptised adults to be godparents. They promise to join with you in modelling the Christian way of life and encouraging your child to know and love God in the context of the Christian community. It follows that they will be experienced in Christian living, themselves having been baptised, and it is hoped that they will be active in a Christian community of faith.

If you are not quite ready to make this kind of commitment for yourself or your child, but wish to acknowledge God in your life, dedicate your child, receive God’s blessing or thank God for the gift of new life, then we can help you do this separately from the commitment involved in baptism. You or your child can then choose baptism at a later time.

Not a regular church attendee? Why not come along to one of the services so you can meet some of our church community and experience worship and fellowship with us, before seeking formal membership of the church in baptism. Please feel free to discuss any doubts or questions you may have with a member of our baptism team  or with the Rector.

Baptism takes place in a regular church service, so that the whole congregation can celebrate and welcome the newly baptised into the church family. It is also an occasion when we all remember the promises we made, or that were made for us, at our own baptism. Where possible we try to accommodate a request for a particular service and date. It is however advisable to confirm the date with the Rector before issuing invitations. It is appreciated if at least 4 weeks’ notice for a Baptism is given.

There is no fee for a baptism but you are encouraged to make a thanksgiving offering. This can be done as the offertory is taken up during the service or by placing your gift in an envelope and handing it to a welcomer or the Rector.

Baptism is a very special occasion and we encourage you to invite your friends and family to come along and celebrate with you. It is always good to have photos of the actual baptism to remind you of the time when you  or your child were received into God’s family, the church, and the promises you made or were made on behalf of your child. We do ask, however, that discretion is used when taking photos during the service.

Please check our website for further information about our church service times and our parish life. We would love the opportunity of welcoming you to any of our services or activities.