St Matthews Parish

Welcome to the Anglican Parish of Wauchope


St Matthew’s Wauchope

In 1898 Duncan Bain donated land for the purpose of an Anglican Church in what is now Cameron Street. Building commenced January 1900 and was dedicated in 1905, the first Rector, Rev Shaw, was inducted in 1909. At this time the Parish of Wauchope incorporated Rawdon Island, Comboyne, Bulli Creek, Pappinbarra Creek, Forbes River, Yarras, Ellenborough, Kindee, and Beechwood.

The present church was built in 1969 and consecrated 1982.

A memorial stained glass window was installed in the Eastern Wall in November 1989.



December 2015 saw a change in seating arrangements to better reflect the people of God as a worshipping community in relationship with one another.


In 2017 a hand crafted set of Stations of the Cross was web8

presented to St Matthews and a faculty was obtained to place

them on the back wall.

1The original St Matthew’s, now over 100 years old has been carefully restored and refurbished. It is now used as a chapel for the mid-week service and small weddings and funerals. Before its restoration, the chapel was used variously as a youth group centre, a general storage area, a play centre and the first Op Shop.


The Oxley Lane Anglican Centre

3The Oxley Centre was completed in 2006 and comprises an air conditioned Rector’s Office, the Parish Office, and function room with toilet facilities and a purpose built Op Shop.






The Old Rectory

5This large older style family home was retained by the parish when the Rectory relocated in 2002. Until May 2017 it was leased as a commercial property providing income for both the Parish and the Diocese. Possibilities are being investigated for its ongoing future.



Centre Churches

The Anglican Parish of Wauchope consists of four centres, St James’ Byabarra, St Cuthbert’s Ellenborough, All Saints’ Pappinbarra and St Matthew’s Wauchope. The three Centre churches are within 40 minutes’ drive of Wauchope and are situated amongst the picturesque hills and valleys to its west. These centres each have a small core congregation who lovingly maintain their churches and offer an hospitable welcome to those who visit or support them when they gather each month to worship.

St James’ Byabarra

St James’ Byabarra, was dedicated in 1930. The piers were replaced in 2007 and  an electric organ was donated at this time. In the 2016 census the population of Byabarra was 328 of which 31.5% were Anglican. Currently attendance at a monthly service is approximately 10 people.






7St Cuthbert’s Ellenborough                                                  

St Cuthbert’s church was completed in 1907. In the 2016 census the population of Ellenborough was 294 of which 26.9% were Anglican. Currently attendance at monthly services is approximately 12 people.




 All Saints’ Pappinbarra

 Worship began at All Saints’ in 1931 and has continued intermittently until recommenced in2010 and has continued  In the 2016 census the population of Pappinbarra was 251 of which 31.5% were Anglican. Currently attendance at a monthly service is approximately 10 people.